Last year, we decided that a piece of income property might be a good investment for our family. We had no idea what we were getting into because of the big puzzle known as SF Real Estate. After a few forays into the city to look at neighborhoods, we determined that we needed some help. Radhi Ahern was recommended by a mutual friend. After deciding what we could afford, explaining the details of a 1031 exchange, the pitfalls of condo conversion and rent control we partnered up and started the process. Because of her experience in this market and her diplomatic style, we identified a property and made an offer. Radhi attached a letter with the offer explaining why she thought this was a fair offer and the deal was accepted within 24hrs. Radhi made the whole process a pleasurable experience.
Mike and Patty Thomas,
Pacific Heights, San Francisco

Because of his background in home design and film, Scott has a unique perspective and provided us with advice and service that went beyond expectations, including staging and repair work. He made our house look incredible in a very short time. We were on the east coast when we listed our property and he took care of everything. He also gave us great advice when it came to negotiating and we felt he always put our interests ahead of his. He is extremely courteous, personable, smart, responsive and easy to work with. Having Scott represent our property was a very pleasant experience during what is normally a very stressful time and we highly recommend him.
Devin Lander,
San Francisco

I wanted to thank you for your perseverance and determination in successfully closing 147–153 Asbury. It was no easy task to convert our 4unit apartment building to a building ready for tenancy in common buyers. Going beyond the traditional real estate agent role, you worked with us hand in hand to drive the remodeling of the units including picking finishes that would be attractive to prospective buyers, formulating a cohesive marketing strategy and guiding the buyers through the complicated TIC purchase process. This tenacity resulted in our building netting a staggering $699 a square foot. We couldn’t be more pleased and would be happy to recommend you others for their real estate needs.
Toby & Kori O’Brien,
NOPA, San Francisco

You may laugh at this but my wife and I first looked at the San Francisco real estate market as though it were a long line at the DMV or our daughter’s math homework – frustrating, counter–intuitive but not all that complex. A real estate agent was a bothersome and expensive afterthought. We would do most of the work ourselves. The agent would suggest a few properties, answer a few questions, and sign a few papers, hand over the keys and we would all shake hands. Months later, we are sitting in our Victorian tenancy in–common laughing at how ignorant we were and thanking our lucky stars that we ever met Radhi Ahern. No amount of hard work would have allowed us to chart the illogical Alice in Wonderland world of San Francisco real estate on our own. Even with an agent, we were getting the run–around. We’re from New York. We don’t like run–arounds. And worse, we weren’t getting a home. So we started looking for a new agent. My wife Jeannie wanted someone smart and hard–working and who would be patient with two high–strung East Coasters who didn’t know TIC from NAACP. I wanted a cold–blooded killer. Radhi was all of these things. She hitched us up with a TIC partnership that worked; jumped on properties that we were interested in; taught us as much as we wanted to know about the subtle black magic and math of finding and securing a place and the complex vagaries of TICs; negotiated an offer on a place that maneuvered us past numerous other higher offers into a backup; kept us in play with a difficult seller’s agent as the winning offer began to fall apart; kept Jeannie and I from falling apart out of sheer stress; leaped in when the first offer went bad; hooked us up with a mortgage broker, a TIC lawyer, a painter and even specific paints. And all the while, Radhi handled us with professionalism, class and warmth that made bewildering and risky process one that Jeannie and I came out of with most of our sanity and a wonderful home. I suppose many recommendations are filled with praises of immeasurable and ethereal attributes. But I’m a pragmatist. So I’ll end with this: if Jeannie and I ever make a single move in real estate, even if it has nothing to do with TICs or even San Francisco, we will call Radhi first. She’s that good.
Sean and Jeannie Webby,
NOPA, San Francisco

Scott, you reap what you sow, and what you sow is competence, friendliness, diligence, and fantastic customer service. You can count on referrals from us, as well as our business for as long as you remain in the business!
Mark Hartmann,
San Francisco

My experience working with Radhi Ahern on the sale of our home was an exceptional one. Radhi exhibited the charisma, charm, and ethics of a seasoned professional. While selling a property can be daunting, Radhi was able to skillfully work and negotiate well with all other parties involved. Under her guidance we were able to successfully list and market our property, which resulted in several offers, and ultimately allowed us to accept one which was well over our asking price. Selling in an aggressive market can be intimidating, and the knowledge Radhi brought made the process of selling our house much easier to handle. The bottom line is that she looks out for her clients best interest at all times. For these reasons I choose to recommend Radhi as the real estate professional to use when asked by others.
Brian and Natalie Townsend,
Inner Richmond, San Francisco

Radhi Ahern came on board after we interviewed several other real estate agents. After meeting with Radhi for a talk about some of the complex issues involved, we became convinced that she had all the qualities we needed in an agent. Specifically, we were immediately impressed by her efficient style, expert planning and negotiating skills. From the project’s beginning to the final sale she was frequently on site and made herself available even in the off hours. We communicated daily, but if she happened to miss a call she was very good at returning my messages quickly. Her oversight of every phase of the project made the biggest difference in the outcome. The property was in a desirable neighborhood in San Francisco and the 3-unit complex had some nice Victorian touches. But important decisions needed to be made about what and how to upgrade, and when to leave things “as is.“ Radhi was instrumental in these crucial areas and was able to present our options with clear objectivity. The updated fixtures and appliances, the flooring and even the color scheme were all orchestrated by Radhi. She capably supervised her team of workers to complete the work in a qualitative manner and within a tight time frame. The subsequent transformation was remarkable. Overall, she proved to be a top notch project manager and negotiator with the contractors, and later on with potential buyers. After a few months of challenges, hard work and hard decisions, the property finally went on the market. It sold shortly thereafter. We are very grateful and feel blessed that we crossed paths with Radhi Ahern. I believe that with her involvement the results left all parties happy. Based on my experience with Radhi and observing how she handled the various challenges that emerged along the way I do not hesitate in giving her my highest recommendation. As a final note, I am pleased to say that after all was said and done, Radhi became not only a business associate, but also a good friend.
Jeff & Linda Corino,
San Francisco

Thanks to both of you for all your effort. I think we got very good, non-biased, independent advice from you. I realize you don’t get paid until something sells and both Heather and I felt like you had our best interests at heart during the entire process. Believe me; I have done other real estate transactions where my best interests were not on the agent’s mind at all. You well exceeded all my expectations. I think the way you marketed the property was first rate and we could not have asked for more. Thanks for everything.
Kelly and Heather Fowler,
San Francisco

Hands down Scott and Radhi were the best real estate agents I've ever worked with!!!! :-)
Ami Mehta,
San Francisco

First of all, Scott’s the best real estate broker that I have ever met. He excels at all aspects of the job, and always goes beyond the call of duty. He specializes in high end residential RE in the Bay Area, including SF and Marin. He has impeccable taste and a great design sense, having previously operated a couple of furniture/design stores in SF. He is also a RE developer and has built and remodeled numerous properties, so he knows that side of the business also.
Mark Hartmann,
San Francisco

We have sold or purchased 3 homes with Scott and Radhi. They are great partners. They understand our needs, make efficient use of our time and are extra helpful with providing resources to help us with our various projects.
Tim Carr and Karen Bradshaw,
Corte Madera

Scott was fantastic to work with - he is very patient, has a great eye and never gives you the hard sell.
Laurie Beijen,

Scott and Radhi, thank you so much for helping us move/stage our furniture and hang paintings. It was very helpful. We truly appreciate your positive efforts. We will happily refer you to friends and family. Thank you.
Justin and Marissa Seeple,
San Francisco

Scott and Radhi are true professionals, and they are genuinely great to work with. When we came to Scott and Radhi with a request to find us a truly unique property and think outside the box, they immediately responded with options that fit our needs and aesthetic interests precisely. As a result, we identified our ideal future home in less than a month. Scott and Radhi are not only well versed with finding the right property, they also navigated a fairly complicated purchase in an efficient and pro-active manner, guiding us effortlessly through the entire process. We could not have done this without them.
Julie Dowling and Steven Platzman,
San Francisco

Radhi and Scott have helped us on two purchases and one sale transaction. Each transaction went extremely well, primarily as a result of their professionalism and acute insight into a rapidly changing market. We have repeatedly recommended Radhi and Scott to our friends and associates and will continue to do so.
Peter and Roberta Marshall,
San Francisco

Radhi and Scott delivered a hugely positive transaction. They knew the types of buyers who would value our property and developed a strategy to find them. Their business judgment was spot-on right from the start, in anticipating potential issues and then in negotiating a contract that exceeded our expectations. We were extremely pleased with how they executed the transaction. Huge thanks!
Raffi Baroutjian and Lucine Abdalian,
San Francisco

We really appreciate the work you did for us. Our transaction went pretty smoothly overall, but when we did hit a few bumps you made sure we were informed and made the right decision. Thanks again - we love the house!
Caitlin and Michael Sachdev,
San Francisco

Radhi and Scott were amazing! We sold our 1 bdrm condo in Cow Hollow last Sping, and not only did they have great suggestions on how to best present our property during open houses, they knew exactly the value of our property, and were able to negotiate the VERY best price! We had several offers, all over asking. I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the San Francisco area. They know their business!!
Ashley and Tifani Marsay,
San Fancisco

Radhi and Scott did a fantastic job in a vexing market. You guys were always responsive. I also appreciated your honest assessments of the market. I felt confident that when I made bids that they were both reasonable and likely to succeed. And most importantly, Radhi, Scott and Natasha did a great job of steering things through a very quick escrow process. I'll be sure to recommend you to anyone I know who is looking for a property. And when it comes time for me to look for a new place - I know where I'll turn.
Ted T,
San Francisco

We couldn't be more excited about embarking on this next phase of our lives - transforming the home and spending time at such a special place where we will create wonderful memories with family and friends. It has been a long journey (as you well know) and we are so grateful for your support along the way. I'm sure there were times that you were ready to be done with us, and I thank you for your patience and for sticking with us. Moreover, it has been great to get to know you both personally and professionally. We look forward to working with you in the future and to continuing our friendship. It also goes without saying that we will actively endorse you! Again, thank you so much and we look forward to raising a glass of homegrown wine with you!
Geb and Cammeron McLaughlin,